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Best Ranked Android App Development Companies

Best Ranked Android App Development Companies

Head-hunting a suitable Android app development service is not easy. The ideal Android mobile app development agencies must be able to meet your bespoke app-building requirements within a deadline and budget that offers you a good ROI. So, why not use the CodersNews ranking system to find an iOS mobile app-builder locally or overseas, who goes the extra mile to meet your business demands?

List of Top Android App Development Companies

Sr. NumberCompany NameWebsite
4Blue Label Labswww.bluelabellabs.com
5ZCo Corporationwww.zco.com
9Corporation Popwww.corporationpop.co.uk
11Arc Touchwww.arctouch.com

What kind of Android app do you need?

Android is one of the most successful mobile-based OSs of our times with billions of applications on the Play Store and thousands of others available for web-based execution. We can connect you with Android app development companies that can assist you with the end-to-end development of the below-cited application types:

Custom Android Business App

Enterprises need business apps that are suitable for intra-business productivity, communication, workflows, etc. Android utilizes XML, cloud storage, data analytics, multimedia support, and other interdisciplinary technologies to run custom business applications for various purposes. 

Android CMS App

Content Management System applications aggregate information of a diverse variety for users, based on their personalization. Android CMS apps must be integrated with social media, multimedia support, form builders, quiz/poll, and GPS-enabled features for curated content. 

Social Media App

The Android market offers users innovative social networking, sharing, community interaction, blogging/microblogging, and instant messaging service apps. Native and cross-platform social media apps on Android feature AR camera functions, live media streaming, bot support, etc.

Productivity/Service/Utilities Android App

The Android OS not only caters to mobile phones but tablets as well; this makes the iOS platform one of the most viable alternatives for launching application ideas. The Android App Store is home to numerous productivity apps, On-demand service apps, eCommerce apps, etc.

Android Gaming Application 

Mobile games today come in all shapes and sizes. Android engages users in mobile gaming in numerous genres. There is a highly profitable market for Android 2D and 3D games built with robust engines such as Unity, with picturesque OpenGL library-based animation. 

Android API Development and Integration

APIs can add various features to your app such as cloud services integration, social networking, and authentication features, multimedia content support, etc. These added features can help your Android app evolve into a more future-ready version of itself.

What kind of Android app build do you need?

If you are in search of a credible Android developer then CodersNews can help you select an Android app development Companies that can provide development solutions as per your requirement.


Native Android apps are those that offer seamless functionality by availing the native features of the Android environment. Native Android apps offer users a more productive and feature-rich app usage, as native app builds use multiple codebases for enhanced services 


Any application that allows you to execute it using the browser on the Android platform, is a web application. They do not require installation on the device. Android web applications offer real-time data interactions predominantly when they are online, with limited offline usage. 


The hybrid Android app market is a fast-expanding sub-market in today’s business world as brands wish to target more users across different OS platforms. A hybrid development framework allows you to run Android apps even on iOS given the singular codebase.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Indeed. You can easily sift through the industry-reviewed, ranked lists on our website to find a full-stack Android app development agency for your end-to-end requirement. We have also ranked MEAN stack Android app-builders who can assist you with your web/PWA app build.  

Android was conceived in Java. There are numerous APIs, libraries, and toolkits that rely on Java for Android dev. However, we recommend Kotlin. It has become a close runner-up since 2017, for its multi-platform support, stable and concise code, and interoperability with Java. Therefore we recommend Kotlin for modern Android app-coding. 

Web app builds are recommended when one requires fast deployment, a single codebase, and web execution on a budget. Native builds offer native hardware access, feature-rich UI, and 3rd party integrations but need time for a good ROI. Hybrid apps offer the best of both of these types along with cross-platform support but are costly to build.

When it comes to developing an Android app, it’s a must to choose an Android developer that offers you specialized service and a client-centric service model. CodersNews accelerates the app development process by mediating your search for a compatible Android mobile app development company with a proven record in specialized expertise and quality assurance. 

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