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Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies

Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies

Google’s AngularJS framework is one of the most powerful web development tools ever manifested. AngularJS has been a mainstay in the web software development industry for over a decade, becoming the de-facto JavaScript framework for dynamic, real-time web services. AngularJS is the framework behind the majority percentage of the websites and mobile web applications that we use today. The Angular framework offers highly dexterous tooling support. Expect compatibility with numerous IDES, Angular-specific programming tips, and a templating language replete with reusable components. AngularJS is the framework you can’t trust with your eyes closed- Given its stupendous documentation for building multifaceted web services, MVC-oriented programming architecture, and testing facilities.

At CodersNews, we can assist you in networking with the foremost AngularJS development Companies in the market today. Leverage everything the Angular framework offers with the best minds in JS engineering by your side. 

List of Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies

Sr. NumberCompany NameWebsite
2Angular Mindswww.angularminds.com
3Clarion Technologieswww.clariontech.com
8Zenesys www.zenesys.com
9Mind Inventorywww.mindinventory.com
10Brainvire technologies www.brainvire.com

Services for AngularJS projects

IT, eCommerce, eLearning, Tourism, or Hospitality- the development services we have ranked can assist you regardless of your business domain! They are pioneers who assist startups with the development of cost-effective digital services that scale rapidly and turn a profit; they have also helped enterprise-scale businesses race ahead of the competition with cutting-edge web solutions baked in AngularJS. 

Network with the best AngularJS development services the market has to offer, for:

AngularJS for Enterprises:

Leverage one of the most powerful frameworks and its extensive plugins library for business-specific goals. Get a jump on your enterprise’s web DevOps with AngularJS and its reusable code.

AngularJS Development for Websites:

Rapidly build websites that depict fast loading times and highly responsive behavior on any platform, with AngularJS. We rank developers who can consult and engineer AngularJS sites for any business domain.

AngularJS PWA App Development 

Hire AngularJS Development Companies to deploy dynamic PWAs to users on any mobile platform. Your PWA offers users personalized services, and a native UI/UX, sans installation hassles.

AngularJS API services

AngularJS developers listed by CodersNews can assist your business with writing and deploying custom, requirement-specific APIs. You can scale your service by integrating the existing, free 3rd party APIs too.

AngularJS Mobile App Development

We help your business network with programmers who can help you convert your website into mobile apps for Android or iOS. Deploy SPA apps, eCommerce apps, social apps, and more with Angular.

AngularJS Testing services

CodersNews connects you with testers who use Agile methodologies to rigorously test your code for bugs. Perform thorough tests of your application system. Write custom tests to drive function-specific development.

AngularJS Maintenance services

Outsource your maintenance requirements to dedicated AngularJS Development Companies. They monitor service performance for routine optimization, real-time challenge resolution, and scalability.

AngularJS Migration Services

We can help you consult and collaborate with prolific AngularJS engineers. Migrate safely to the AngularJS framework without losing any data or destabilizing your service continuity.

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Top 10 NodeJS Development Firms

Frequently Asked Questions:

AngularJS is one of the best, time-tested JS frameworks and powers numerous web applications and portals from businesses that belong to diverse industrial categories. It can help you ready and deploy powerful websites that behave like native applications as per requirement. It can help you develop multifaceted, Progressive Web Applications. AngularJS is also immensely resourceful for developing Single Page Applications. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your web requirements.

CodersNews’s listed AngularJS developers can meet your end-to-end DevOps requirements. They are proficient at utilizing the Angular development ecosystem to deploy performance-enriched solutions for the Android platform. Some of these AngularJS development agencies have already successfully used the newly launched Jetpack Compose framework, based in Angular and developed by Google, to design quality applications that offer users a native UI/UX with web applications.

AngularJS is versatile enough to handle any custom frontend or backend engineering requirement. To ensure that your web services streamline a smooth UX, you need a framework that can create declarative UIs. Our ranked AngularJS service providers excel at creating declarative UIs that opt for a stable, scalable, and module component-based architecture. As a result, your frontend feeds data from your Views/UI to the backend in a hierarchical fashion.

Indeed. The developers ranked by CodersNews are well known for their use of the AngularJS framework for MVC-oriented development. The Model-View-Controller architecture iteratively cleans up and organizes your codebase; making it easier for in-house or our dedicated development services to easily maintain and scale your web services, innovate it, and debug it without affecting live service performance.

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