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Top 10 Laravel Development Companies

Top 10 Laravel Development Companies

Touted as the PHP framework for web artisans, Laravel is a progressive web development framework. The Laravel development environment comprises every tool you can imagine for end-to-end, full-stack PHP web development- be it for server deployment, administration, real-time event management, testing and debugging, micro-framework, and even app scaffolding among others. Thus, businesses are committed to scouting the most reliable and competent Laravel PHP development services that can help them make the most of the framework.

Codersnews serves as the middle ground between your business and the best Laravel PHP developers from around the globe. We rank Laravel Development Companies with qualitative as well as quantitative expertise in successfully helping businesses with their PHP needs.

List of Top Laravel Development Companies

Sr. NumberCompany NameWebsite
2Bacancy Technologywww.bacancytechnology.com
3Unified infotechwww.unifiedinfotech.net
6Clarion Technologieswww.clariontech.com
8Zealous Systemwww.zealousys.com
10Fortunesoft IT Innovationwww.fortunesoftit.com

What kind of Laravel app do you need?

Are you interested in engaging with any of the service providers we have ranked? Codersnews ranks Laravel Development Companies that have numerous success stories from serving the PHP needs of business enterprises of various categories.

They are adept at handling web development requirements for: 

Custom Laravel Business portal/app

Develop custom web portals and applications from scratch with specialized end-to-end services that can digitize your business processes, CRM, ERP, etc. with Laravel PHP-based solutions.

Laravel CMS portal/app

Design highly functional, feature-rich, and responsive Content Management Systems that distribute your content across emerging platforms and boost your content marketing strategy. 

Laravel Social Media portal/app

Develop stable social web services that can support high-volume traffic. Give users the best social media access with multifaceted features for networking, content sharing, IMs, etc. 

Laravel eCommerce portal/app

Hire Laravel development companies to tailor your custom eCommerce web service as per your bespoke needs. Scale with innovative features that engage traffic and increase conversion. 

Laravel RESTful API development

Develop RESTful APIs that help extend features of your web service to other businesses and customers. Hire developers who can optimize your API for better performance and support.

Laravel package development

Hire services to develop custom Laravel packages to bundle components such as the classes, modules, and functionalities of your web application and extend it to other services.

Which Laravel services can developers listed on Codersnews provide?

Day by day, businesses are taking the wise decision to migrate their existing PHP projects and launch their new web development projects with Laravel. They require critical assistance from Laravel development companies who specialize in PHP solutions for various cross-disciplinary purposes, such as:

End-to-end app development

The versatile Laravel framework is responsible for developing services for both web and mobile. You can network with experienced developers for full-stack Laravel web development.

UI/UX design & development 

Facelift your existing Laravel PHP project design or wireframe brand-specific UI/UX with help from design language experts who understand domain-specific feature requirements.  

Code audit & testing 

Deploy your Laravel site or application with perfectly optimized and error-free code. Ensure your users never have to experience downtime and bugs that stifle your traffic and conversion rate. 

Code Migration

We rank the most proficient migration experts. Migrate your code from any PHP framework to Laravel and ensure your web service can leverage the best of what Laravel has to offer. 

Maintenance & post-deployment support

Ensure you can scale your service as per your business necessities. We rank Laravel development companies to assist you with service, server, storage, and feature scaling.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Laravel’s compatibility with the Java Virtual Machine and popular frameworks such as JSF, vert. x, and Spring boot, along with Ktor, make it an ideal, future-ready language for Native Android PWA development. Besides server-side, backend web-oriented coding, we can also conduct client-side programming using a combination of Laravel and JavaScript. 

Laravel facilitates a host of the app and data security measures. Laravel uses authentication methods and events for maintaining HTTP authentication and validation of user data. Authentication-oriented code is maintained under the ‘Configuration’ directory. Laravel also uses the Hash class for a robust Bcrypt hashing system for storing passwords. Route filters validate user access to privileged parts of your web directory, which also doubles as anti-CSRF security. 

Laravel optimizes your code execution speed with its caching capabilities. Laravel uses a unified API that helps us with backend caching. Laravel packs memory object caching systems such as ‘MemCached’ and ‘Redis’ in its development framework. The cache is used for data that is used frequently and serves as buffer storage from which the data can be called. Caching optimizes your PHP application performance as memory is freed for other tasks.

The Laravel framework utilizes the efficient Symfony Command Line Interface component. The framework facilitates it as a self-styled CLI that allows developers to leverage the framework’s offerings using command line scripts. This is called the Artisan CLI and is used by developers to run commands for server deployment of PHP applications. The CLI undercuts a lot of manual programming work and simplifies repetitive tasks that consume the developer’s time.  

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