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Top 3 Titanium Mobile App Development Firms

Top 3 Titanium Mobile App Development Firms

Appcelerator’s Titanium is a widely used, cross-platform application development framework. It has been responsible for some of the most innovative mobile applications developed in recent times. Businesses rely heavily on the comprehensive development toolkit that comes with Titanium for the development, design, testing, and maintenance of their apps. 

If you are one of those businesses that are in the market for a Titanium mobile app developer that can help you develop and deploy or maintain your app, then CodersNews list of the best developers in this domain can be of great assistance. 

List of Top Titanium Mobile App Development Firms

Sr. NumberCompany NameWebsite
3Ushyaku Software Solutionswww.ushyaku.com

What kind of Titanium app do you need?

Titanium paves the way for a diverse spectrum of applications that can be unilaterally launched across multiple platforms, using a singular codebase. The Titanium service providers on our lists can assist you with the following requirements:

Custom Titanium Business app

It’s more cost-effective to develop and maintain a single cross-platform Titanium app rather than developing separately for various platforms. Our ranked developers can help with your enterprise app requirement. 

Titanium CMS app

Titanium can enable cross-platform CMS app services, with intuitive UI features for user engagement, personalized content feeds and updates for users, and other robust features for omnichannel, business content marketing.

Titanium Social Media app

With the help of Titanium, it is quite easy to develop social media apps with real-time feeds, IM messengers, and multimedia content sharing capabilities, besides a plethora of other features. 

Productivity/Service/Utilities Titanium app

Hire Titanium mobile app development services if you want to develop productivity apps, retail service apps, or even utility apps for various purposes. Titanium can help you develop an MVP with nominal time and money investment.

Titanium Gaming application

You can build robust gaming titles befitting various genres with Titanium and its assorted toolkit of game development libraries. Leverage components like QuickTiShooter, QuickTiGame2d, and QuickTiGame2DExample.

Titanium API development and integration

Integrate and scale your app at a limited cost and full ROI, with Titanium. Build purpose-driven, custom APIs that helps drive your app growth in terms of technical innovation, user engagement, and external services support. 

Which Titanium services can developers listed on CodersNews provide?

CodersNews can connect you with Titanium mobile app development agencies who can guide your business on an experiential technical journey, with respect to any of the following requirements:

End-to-end app development

CodersNews ranked developers who explicitly handle your end-to-end app requirements. Experts who leverage the Titanium framework’s web-scripting protocols to rapidly build and deploy multi-purpose, hybrid apps with cross-platform execution support. 

UI/UX design & development 

We have ranked design experts who specialize in modern design languages that help your Titanium app stand apart from the competition while promoting your brand identity across the various mobile platforms. 

Code audit & testing

Testing your app code is essential for flawless deployment and user impressions. Hire seasoned code-testing specialists who can help optimize your app code and test it for perfect execution on any platform.


Is your natively coded app too difficult, cost-inefficient, and time-consuming to maintain or build. Hire Titanium framework veterans who can help you migrate your application code from CodersNews listings.

Maintenance & post-deployment support

Fed up with businesses who abandon or shortchange quality of service after your app’s deployed? Hire industry-vouched Titanium mobile app development services who offer your business 24/7 technoligical assistance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The best Titanium app development companies specifically recommend the framework for developing iOS, Android, and Windows phone applications. The development toolkit is regularly maintained and updated by AppCelerator and a resourceful open-source development community to support modern app development conventions on platforms supporting these OSs.

Titanium apps are built using time-tested, well-known scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript unlike native frameworks which require mastery over native languages. The code-blocks are built and tested rapidly, and augmented with APIs and library components that come with the framework. Thereby, Titanium speeds up your application development cycle.

The Titanium framework is geared to help you develop future-ready apps. Titanium can help you develop on-demand service apps, eLearning apps, multimedia applications, enterprise apps for various industrial domains, eCommerce service apps, AR-VR apps for various industrial verticals, social media apps of various kinds, along with custom API development facilities. 

The primary reason for choosing Titanium is its ability to imbibe cross-platform support for the developed applications. Simultaneously launching an app service natively across multiple platforms can be a costly affair. Titanium allows businesses of any scale to capitalize on multi-platform support. The rapid development cycle granted by the framework is a bonus.

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