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5 Best-Reviewed VB.Net Development Companies

5 Best-Reviewed VB.Net Development Companies

VB.Net or Visual Basic Dot Net was Microsoft’s answer to Sun Microsystem’s Java. It is a high-level, Object-Oriented Programming language that offers Visual Basic programming via the .Net framework. Today, VB.Net powers hundreds and thousands of applications across the world, in various capacities. Hence, brands belonging to diverse industrial domains never cut corners when it comes to hiring dedicated VB.Net development services to assist them with business requirements.

But, why waste valuable business time chasing leads from scratch when CodersNews has vetted a list of the best VB.Net service providers? Expedite the wait for cutting-edge VB.Net services and eliminate the guesswork with a list of businesses that are ready to tackle your requirements head-on.

List of Best-Reviewed VB.Net Development Companies

Sr. NumberCompany NameWebsite
1Adequate Infosoftwww.adequateinfosoft.com
2Elance softechwww.elancesoftech.com
5Codzgarage www.codzgarage.com

Avail VB.Net services for

CodersNews lists and ranks VB.Net Development services that have years of experience in providing value-added services to businesses across various industrial verticals. Every service provider on our ranked list has genuine testimonials from clientele who belong to various domains. They offer services as per flexible engagement models and follow the best practices to dispense interdisciplinary services. To this effect, they can assist you with services for:

VB.Net Enterprise App/Portal Development services

The development services we have ranked excel at building multifaceted enterprise apps thanks to VB.Net’s modular, OOP approach that caters to a distributed dev and maintenance cycle. VB.Net enables continuous development and implementation with ease.

Custom VB.Net App/Portal Development services

Hire VB.Net development experts torapidly build eCommerce/CMS/consumer-facing applications and portals that digitize your B2B and B2C business for the desktop and mobile platform, regardless of the scale and business domain.

Custom VB.Net MS Office Add-in apps services

Design feature-rich Office plugins with custom menus and tools. We have ranked development services that have years of experience using Visual Studio to produce custom MS Office add-ins as per bespoke clientele requirements. 

VB.Net Migration services

Leverage the benefits of VB.Net development today with assistance from CodersNews’ ranked VB.Net Development agencies who help you migrate your app from other languages with low risk and minimal chance of application data loss. 

VB.Net services for Windows

Design, develop, launch, and finetune Windows Services for custom, remote background processes for your enterprise. We have VB.Net experts available for flexible engagement if you have any requirements for Windows Forms app development. 

VB.Net BizTalk Integration

Hire VB.Net development services to help you integrate the BizTalk server into your VB.Net operations. Microsoft’s BizTalk server is your best friend for streamlining and automating data exchange processes between multiple applications or data repositories. 

VB.Net Database application services

Consult and collaborate with expert VB.Net Development agencies who can manifest custom database solutions for data-driven applications, and ensure that your production environment and development data do not overlap or overwrite in a hyperactive CI/CD pipeline.

VB.Net Maintenance & Support

Dedicated maintenance and support help establish a proactive CI/CD pipeline for your DevOps. Maintain and finetune database queries, add new features, enhance your .Net Core Web APIs, Windows Services, Forms, etc. and scale as per requirement. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Indeed. VB.Net uses a combination of try-catch-finally blocks for error handling and exception handling to lessen the scope for errors. You can worry less about the maintainability of the code for the sake of app stability and performance, as the exceptions are handled without the use of cumbersome ON_ERROR_GOTO statements. The new free threading feature enhances app performance, as concurrent processes run on multiple threads without affecting service speed.

Yes, that is the case. VB.Net uses Common Language Runtime or CLR, which helps us manage code execution better. Think of the CLR as a Just-in-Time, virtual machine compiler, responsible for converting your .Net code into machine code for optimal execution. In a broader sense, the CLR is also responsible for managing code security, threads, memory, type safety, exception handling, and even garbage collection. In a way, the CLR is what MAKES VB.Net. stand out. 

Of course. VB.Net service providers recommend it for enterprise application development as it is quite lenient about the programming approach. Developers can adopt multiple programming paradigms to get the job done, which saves development time. As an open-source programming language based on the .Net framework, it also enables enterprises to launch apps with cross-platform support- a significant leg-up for delivering services to a larger section of users. 

VB.Net somewhat revolutionizes security for applications with the concept of Code Access Security. The CLR is responsible for facilitating Code Access Security. CAS allows you to set permissions for every component used in your application. In this way, you can prevent external components from accessing sensitive database information, and set privileges for user type access. In a way, it also puts a check on the number of unnecessary requests and processes running. 

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